Letters Home Y5

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Year 5 Homework – 19th January


Dear Parents/Carers,


We have really enjoyed meeting all the rats that have visited school this week.  As part of our home learning, some children have made some fabulous rats out of different materials such as paper mache or fabric.  Some of them look particularly real and Mrs Moon took great delight in scaring other people with one of them!  We are hoping to see more to add to our infestation. 



For homework this week, we would like children to investigate the dates on food they find in their kitchen at home.  Which foods have ‘use by’ dates and which foods have ‘best before’ dates.  Why are there two types of dates on food?  Which foods have the longest or shortest ‘best before’ dates and why?  Please consider how to present your work so that other children can see how you have sorted the information. 


Number Stars

Some children are working really hard and this is showing in their maths in class.  Some children have not passed any tests since September which is really disappointing.  Please keep practising . 



Phonetic          Microbe     Microscope     Telegraph      Telepathy        Telegraph

Grapheme       Autograph      Automatic       Automobile

Enjoy your weekend.


Mrs ‘Squeak’ Bhasin         

Mr ‘Ring o Roses’ Davies 

Miss ‘Pocket full of Posies’ Frois            

Mrs ‘Rat’ Moon