Policies and Forms

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Name Date File Size  
Admission Policy 2020-2021 25th Mar 2019298 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2021-2022 01st Dec 2020635 KB Download
Attendance Policy May 2020 05th May 2020613 KB Download
Behaviour Management Policy 25th Jan 2021460 KB Download
Catch-Up Premium Strategy 2020-2021 06th May 2021772 KB Download
Charging Policy 06th May 2021280 KB Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 19th Apr 20211 MB Download
Collective Worship Policy March 2021 06th May 2021455 KB Download
Complaints Policy 25th Jan 2021830 KB Download
Data Protection & Information Management... 06th May 2021568 KB Download
Equality Statement and Objectives March... 06th May 2021339 KB Download
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 30th Apr 2021934 KB Download
Online Safety Policy 2020 16th Oct 2020327 KB Download
Privacy Notice Policy 2021 06th May 2021354 KB Download
Prospectus April 2021 06th May 20211 MB Download
Pupil Premium Strategy 2020 03rd Feb 2021172 KB Download
Remote Learning Policy 25th Jan 2021625 KB Download
SEND Policy 06th May 2021291 KB Download
Spirituality Policy March 2021 06th May 2021852 KB Download
Sports Premium Funding 2019-2020 20th Oct 2020422 KB Download
SRE Scheme of work overview 19th Jan 20182 MB Download