PSHE at The Minster

PSHE: Personal Social and Health Education

The school follows the SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme with different areas of focus throughout the year which are led through assemblies. November has a particular focus of Anti-Bullying in line with the National Anti-Bullying week. Children are able to experience Circle Time, class discussions and a variety of activities to develop understanding of their own views, managing their feelings, skills in negotiating and empathy.

Drugs Education: the school uses the Islington Drug Awareness Programme which takes children on a learning journey of awareness and understanding suitable for their ages within the Junior School.

SRE: Sex and Relationships Education. The school follows the Croydon SRE scheme of work which has been agreed with SACRE and gradually builds children’s awareness of friendship groups, changes in their bodies and understanding of these changes. 

Withdrawal from SRE lessons: children may be withdrawn from elements of SRE which are not included in the Primary Curriculum.

To view an overview of our SRE scheme of work, please click here.

Click here to see a skills progression framework for PSHE.