For children today, the internet is a resource that can open the door to many educational and social opportunities.

Children can now access the internet in a number of ways: via computers at school or at home, on games consoles and through tablets and mobile phones. It is important to protect your child on the internet just as you would in the real world.

If your child has the skills to stay safe online and use the internet sensibly they can make informed choices. E-safety is covered as part of ICT teaching in each year group.

This page provides links to websites which can help in supporting your child in staying safe online.

CEOP - Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

ThinkUKnow - a website dedicated to providing e-safety advice to parents and carers

Childline - advice about online and mobile safety

KnowITall - an award-winning website providing e-safety advice for parents and carers

Kidsmart - advice on how to be sensible when using the internet