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D&T and Art at The Minster

Design and Technology

A variety of projects are provided through Design and Technology which offer children the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of:

  • Food technology
  • Mechanical control technology
  • Electrical control technology
  • Materials’ technology

These projects incorporate ongoing and final analysis and usually follow the pattern of exploring commercial products, prior to designing and making an item, which fulfils pre-set criteria.

Art and Design

Throughout the school Art and Design plays an important part in each child’s education. Not only is it seen as a way of exploring ideas, concepts and cultural differences but children’s inherent and perceptual skills.

Children will have opportunities to work in a variety of media such as observational drawing and painting, printmaking, textiles and clay. Children will follow a programme of work, which covers the basic elements of art - line, tone, shape, colour and texture.

They will be introduced to the work of artists and crafts people through books, pictures museum and gallery visits and will keep on-going sketchbooks as a visual diary and record of their work and ideas throughout the school.

Gifted and able artists are invited to special projects in school to extend their talents. 

We are lucky enough to have some talented artists at the school, and our resident artist, Mr Saunders, regularly takes art workshops to support the children's topic work. You can see some of their work in the image gallery.