• Innovate Oct 2015 Year 6

Computing at The Minster


Computing is taught both as a separate subject and through other areas of the curriculum.

There is a learning hub (with at least 2 desktops), laptops and iPads in each year group. Every class has time-tabled lessons covering the Rising Stars - Switched on Computing scheme of work.

The school uses a wide range of software to ensure coverage of all levels of the National Curriculum and enhance other curricular areas. As the children move through the school they will be given the opportunity to:

  • Use a wide range of computer programs, either individually or in a group
  • Develop an understanding of the way in which a computer can store and handle information
  • Learn to analyse problems and implement solutions with the aid of a computer
  • Use a computer for word-processing activities and graphics work
  • Use the Internet to access information, do research and communicate electronically with other IT users
  • Work with digital images and produce short videos based on the curriculum.

Information on e-safety can be found here.