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Science at The Minster

"The predators topic was fun – finding out about their prey.   Seeing the snakes, touching them and learning about how they shed their skin was interesting. Corn snakes look scary but it was interesting to see them"… Year 3 pupil

Through science, pupils at The Minster Junior School will develop their values as they continue to deepen their respect, care and appreciation for the natural world and all its phenomena.  Children will be encouraged to raise questions and investigate the wider world in which they live.  Through this, children will gain an understanding of its relevance in everyday life and its potential to shape the future.

Across the school, science is integrated within the topics that the children are studying. This enables the children to use their prior learning as a platform to expand their knowledge base.  We ensure that there are opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills and knowledge in each unit.  The science schemes of work allow for progression so that the children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school.  We adopt a practical stance to scientific enquiry building upon the children’s understanding of fundamental scientific concepts. 

Here at The Minster, We encourage the children to engage with a range of approaches to scientific investigations.  Therefore our planning encompasses the following principles of investigation:


  • Fair testing
  • Pattern seeking
  • Exploring
  • Classifying
  • Problem solving