Mathematics at The Minster

Maths: In September 2017, the school undertook a new Maths scheme entitled 'Maths - No Problem!' to be followed by years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Year 6 will continue with the previous scheme of working in the lead up to their SATS.

The 'Maths - No Problem! scheme follows a series of text books written to meet the requirements of the English National Curriculum. It was assessed by the DfE's expert panel, which judged that it alone met the criteria for a high-quality text book to support teaching for mastery. As a result, the Maths - No Problem! Primary Series is the only recommended textbook for schools on the mastery programme. For more infor mation visit the website here:

Below, you can see the training videos that explains the methods used on the maths scheme:


Fundamental Idea


Number Bonds






Mental Calculations






Long Division



Bar Model 1



Bar Model 2




We follow the new National Curriculum for mathematics. Lessons generally follow a set format, consisting of mental agility work, whole class teaching, group work and a plenary.

Mathematics teaching is rooted in practical experience and opportunities are provided for:

  • Direct teaching by the teacher.
  • Discussion between teacher/pupil, pupil/teacher and pupil/pupil.
  • Appropriate practical work in computation, volume, length, shape, weight, time, area, money.
  • Consolidation and practice of skills. Methods of calculation topics are regularly revised before the next step is taught.
  • Problem solving - including the application of mathematics in everyday situations.
  • Investigational work. This leads to much discussion, individual thought and clear mathematical understanding.

We believe that it is imperative to keep key maths fundamentals, such as times tables and number facts, regularly taught through varied and repeated practice in order that children can solve progressively complex problems. It is therefore expected that most children will be proficient in using their knowledge of all times tables up to twelve by the end of their time in Year 4. Mental agility for speed and accuracy is encouraged with oral questions, together with the ability to estimate distances, weight and volume.


Medium Term Plans

To view the Medium Term Plans for each year group, please see below.

Curriculum Overview Year 3

Curriculum Overview Year 4

Curriculum Overview Year 5

Curriculum Overview Year 6


To view our calculation policy please click here

You can view our Key Instant Recall Facts in the video below