Mathematics at The Minster

At The Minster Junior school we firmly believe that all children have the potential to achieve highly in Mathematics. Our goal is to engender in all of our pupils a sense of success and enjoyment of mathematics to enable them to fulfill this potential. We expect that when children leave us for the challenges of secondary school, they are ready, able and confident mathematicians.

In our school, we follow the Maths No Problem Scheme of Work. This scheme is closely aligned with the objectives of the 2014 English National Curriculum for Maths. A research and evidence rich resource, MNP follows the mastery approach to Maths teaching where children master mathematical fluency through conceptual understanding and apply this to problem solving. Our children develop deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of Maths.
You can view the Maths-No Problem schemes of work for each year group here:
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Please click on the following progression frameworks for each year group:
Maths Year 3
Maths Year 4
Maths Year 5
Maths Year 6
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Number Stars

Chidlren enjoy number stars as a way of testing them on their mental maths knowledge. When they pass, they should be given a target sheet to revise what they need to know for the next star. They receive a certificate for a pass and a gold star in the values assembly when they pass the gold star.

The target sheet for each number star can be found and printed here: Number Star Targets.


Below, you can see the training videos that explains the methods used on the Maths No Problem scheme:

Fundamental Idea


Number Bonds




Mental Calculations




Long Division


Bar Model 1


Bar Model 2