December 13th -  Update

Please see attached our Results Special Newsletter

July 18th - Update

There have been some exciting things happening at the school as term draws to a close. We had a fantastic Multi-Faith Week, culminating in the children's work being showcased, including some exciting performances. It was great to see children from all faiths and cultures combining respectfullhy to celebrate. This is what we are about at this school.

Sports Day was a great success, with soem great speedy performances on the track in the afternoon. Thanks to St. Andrews for letting us use their facilities.

The Summer Showcase was also a great success, raising money for the school whilst having fun and showcasing the children's work. 

This week, sadly we say goodbye to our amazing Year 6 children, includung a Leavers' Service in the Minster on Friday.


Children's University

Please visit our Children's University page for some exciting updates...


June 27 - Update


A direct quote from Mr Davies, "We had the school's best ever day at the Croydon Athletics Championships. Not only did we win the boys' and girls' relay (which is unheard of), we also accumulated the most points and won the overall best girls' performance. Our boys came 3rd overall. We therefore won 3 out of a possible 4 trophies..."


Upcoming Events:

Summer Showcase Friday 5th July

Multi-Faith Week, TBC


Music News

Two Year 5 boys, Jaeden Mugisha and Finnley Hickey, both sang at the Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace last Saturday evening. It was a very special concert, with lots of fantastic choral items and we are very proud of those two exceptional boys from the Minster Junior School.


June 26 - Update

More Sports News

We've had a brilliant couple of days at the athletic heats. Here are the results for tomorrow's final. We've qualified for the semi-finals / finals in 17/22 events which is very good. 

Results of the heats are below:

Year 3 boys' sprint - Williams (2nd - qualified)

Year 3 girls' sprint - Loriah (1st - qualified)

Year 4 boys' sprint - AJ (2nd - qualified)

Year 4 girls' sprint - Esmari (2nd - qualified)

Year 5 boys' sprint - Tito (2nd - qualified)

Year 5 girls' sprint - Nenye (1st - qualified)

Year 6 boys' sprint - Dunsin (2nd - qualified)

Year 6 girls' sprint - Sy'ria (1st - qualified)

Year 6 boys' 800m - Ryan (3rd - qualified)

Year 6 girls' 800m - Sienna (2nd - qualified)

Year 6 long jump girl - Aize (qualified)

Year 5 high jump boy -  Willis (qualified)

Year 5 girl high jump - Elizabeth (qualified)

Year 6 high jump boy - Edward (qualified)

Year 6 high jump girl - Lauren (qualified)

Girls' relay - (1st - qualified)

Boys' relay - (1st - qualified)


June 24 - Update

Sports News

Our girls’ football team are now the champion of champions. The 4 league winners played off this afternoon. We beat St James the Great 4-1 in the semi final and The Hayes 5-2 in the final. We were brilliant. ‬Sy’ria scored all 9 goals!


June 10th Update - Maths Week

We wanted to let you know that our school is taking part in Maths Week London 2019, 10 to 14 June.

Maths Week London is an opportunity to build children's confidence, nurturing I love of mass and sparking an interest in a subject that impacts all of our lives, every day!

How to get involved

Maths activities at home

Play alongside your child in the maths week online contest:

  • Children from across the capital are competing against each other in the mouth sweet London contest from Sumdog.
  • Sumdog is an online learning service that adapts to each individual child, using engaging games to motivate and build confidence.
  • It can be accessed easily on mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  • Visit to create a free parent account. 

We are looking forward to celebrating maths this summer!


May 20th - Update - Express Week, Trips and Special Projects

It's Express Week here at the Minster. Whilst we wish our Year 6 pupils all the best on their trip after their hard work during the SATS, the rest of the school bring their topic work to life in a variety of creative ways.

Year 3 went on a visit to Beddington park last week to look at rivers and river life. They have also been in touch with a Japanese pen pal, which you can read about on our special projects page here. We look forward to seeing how they bring their 'Flow' topic to life during Express Week.

Year 4 will aim to create 3-D models of Motte and Bailey Castles, complete with moats, drawbridges and mounds. As such, if you can locate and send in yoghurt pots, egg boxes, Pringle tubes, etc., then please do, as these materials will make for creative and inspiring models.

Year 5 are continuing to bring their 'Stargazers' topic to life. There are rumours that they may be building a rocket to send Mr Davies and Mr Greenfield into orbit... watch this space!


May 18th - Update - SATS Week!

It's SATS week this week and we would like to wish our Year 6 chidlren the best of luck. May we remind the rest of the school to remain quiet while moving around the school building.


26th April - Update - New Exciting Topics

We would like to welcome everyone back and trust that they had an enjoyable Easter.

Around the school, the exciting new topics have begun. Year 3's topic is entitled 'Flow'... "From humble beginnings the river flows down the mountain and into the sea. Pull on your wellies and wade right in… how deep does it go and how fast does it travel? What soil types can you find by the riverside? Which animals make their homes there? Let’s get down to the river bank and find out!"

Year 4 have begun the exciting historical topic of 1066, looking at the Battle of Hastings and the famous Bayeux tapestry.

Year 5 have the exciting topic of Stargazers, wher they will be looking at the moon phases, what makes day and night, and other amazing space facts.

Meanwhile, Year 6 will be studing hard for their upcoming SATS and will ressume topic work next term.


29th March - Update

Congratulations to yesterday's Academic Achievement award winners, and today's values award winners for the value of Faith.


15th March - Update

In honour of yesterday's 'Pi Day', on which the mathematical constant of Pi (3.14) is celebrated, our school took part in Maths Games Day today (Friday). This was an online competition, and the children who took part competed with thousands of other school children across Europe. It was very engaging for the children and is one of many maths competitions that we will be rolled out in our school to engage our budding mathematicians.


March 8th - Update

Today in assembly, we celebrated work from yesterday's World Book Day activities.

This week, on 6th March, some children have also been up to Wembley for WE day. You can find out more about the WE charity here.


March 7th - Update

What Are We Learning in School?

This week Year 3 revisited their Tate experience and looked at Grayson Perry’s artwork ‘Tapestry of Walthamstow’ and were influenced and inspired to create their own tapestry of their lives. Please see the work by the office when you’re next visiting.

Congratulations to Year 4 Penguins who delivered a tooth-achingly scary assembly on the theme of the Demon Dentist!

The eminent scientist (and school governor), Alan Bayes, joined Y5 this week to help them explore some scientific concepts, including how to make your very own explodong volcano.

Year 6 have started to investigate the human circulatory system and how the heart functions within our bodies. They have created a model of a heart using jars, balloons, straws and tape. The model showed how the heart pumps. 


More Sporting Success...

The netball team had an amazing 11-0 win on Monday against St Peter's. This means they are now through to the league finals!


February 14th - Update

We are all enjoying innovate week at the school where everyone's learning comes to fruition before the new topics start. This was no better illustrated than by Kiwis in their fantastic assembly this morning on teeth and the digestive system. They are apparently building a huge gut! Let's hope the year 4 corridor does not get swallowed up! 

Year 5 will be performing a peasants revolt later today, to bring to a close their learning on the plague. We are all looking forward to a hall load of revolting peasants. King Richard II and Wat Tyler will also be making an appearance!


Sporting News

The Year 5/6 Hi-5 netball team won the Croydon finals yesterday. Their results were 1-0, 2-0, 7-0, 6-0 and 4-0. They will now represent Croydon in the London Youth Games! 


Feb 11th - Update

This week was the Primary Whitgift Project where selected pupils attended Whitgift school and underwent various exciting science,


February 7th - Update

News this week:

  • Well done to Grebes for a great assembly on Ada Twist the scientist, in preparation for the celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science 11 February.
  • You can see the current school newsletter here.
  • Well done to Sandpipers class for winning the Attendance Award.


January 31st - Update

The number star target sheets are now available to view and print from the website here.

Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week is running nationally on 4-10th February. The Minster Junior School will be running their Mental Health Week to raise awareness of the topic from 11th-15th February. The focus this year is 'Healthy: Inside and Out'.
During this week there will be a whole school assembly discussing what mental health is and how we can be healthy inside and out. In classes, children will be taking part in small activities to understand and explore the theme further. 
​Click the following link to find out more information about how Parents and Carers can explore this theme with their child.
Safer Internet Day
This will be on the 5th of February. All classes will be involved in facilitating a range of related activities.



January 11th - Update


Thank you to all those who have already signed up. Remember, booking closes at midnight on Monday, so please ensure your child is booked on a schooltime workshop. (The after school workshops are optional.)


School Newspaper

Our amazing school newspaper is still in full flow. We are very proud of the students in our school, none more than the enterprising team of pupils who teamed up to create this informative publication. The work ethic and attitude of these children is one of the things that was recognised by Ofsted when grading us as 'good with outstanding features'. The newspaper was the brainchild of Matin in Year 6, and accompanied by his illustrious team, (including editor-in-chief, Mahdi), they have put together something remarkable. Such entrepreneurial qualities will no doubt lead the likes of Matin and Mahdi onto great things in the future.

The newspaper team is made up of editors, reporters, artists and entertainers, such as: Matin, Mahdi, Michael, Sarah M, Kaitlin, Liam, Chiemeri, Timothy, Caden, Sy'ria, Vera, Roshan, Luca, Robert and Jovahn.

school newspaper


January 10th - Update

Congratulations to all those children who received an academic achievement and sporting award today.

The school has hit the ground running after the Christmas break and all year groups are getting stuck into their new topics. 



December 21st - Update

Congratulations to our worthy values award winners for the December 'Love' award.




December 17th - Update

What's Happening Around the School?

Year 3 have been continuing with their Scrumdiddlyumptious topic. They want to St Andrews to make their own smoothies and have also visitied the National Gallery.

Year 4 have made potions as part of their current 'Potions'. The children have also applied their scientific learning of solids, liquids and gases to an art project, led by our very own Mr Saunders. They made hot air balloons using papier mache and Mod Roc. This demonstrates the idea of gas (hot air balloon) and liquid to solid states (papier mache and Mod Roc).

Year 5 have been getting into time travel and have built their own time machines.

Year 6 are enjoying their 'Child's War' topic, and have designed their own propoganda posters.


December Update - RE Around the School: Autumn Term 2018 - 19

Year 3 have been learning about the Miracles of Jesus this term,such as the feeding of the 5000 Jesus turning water into wine the calming of the storm and the raising of Lazarus. Children are encouraged to ask questions about these miracles and to understand what a Christian believes a miracle to be and what a Christian can learn from them.

Following on from the learning about the Bible last term, Year 4 are now studying the Holy Trinity. Children are expected to understand what Holy Trinity means to Christians and it's significance.



November 9th - Update

Congratulations to our worthy values award winners for the October 'Responsibility' award.


October 19th - Update

The fantastic news is that Ofsted report is now out and we have finally achieved a 'Good' grading, with outstanding features. This is something we all felt to be true, so it is very satisfying to finally achieve this result.  Thank you to all staff, governors, members of the Diocese, parents and pupils alike for helping us achieve this. Full report here.


October 17th - Update

​Recently, some Year 3 and Year 6 children visited the Houses of Parliament to gain experience on public speaking as they are newly elected.

During the tour they saw where important decisions are made by many of our leaders in our country. They then took school worship with Miss Frois and reminded the children of the importance of British Values as well as practising their public speaking.


October 5th - Update

Congratulations to our worthy values award winners this morning for the September 'Respect' award. They, and many other pupils are well worthy of such recognition for the continuing humility and respect they show towards their fellow pupils and staff alike, and are a credit to their school and their families.




You can now view the schemes of work for all four year groups on the maths page here.

National Curry Week & National Chocolate Week

We a running a National Curry Week & National Chocolate Week theme menu all next week, See our school menu page here.


October 3 - Update

Congratulations to the latest attandance award winners, Curlews and Sandpipers, represented here by two class members.


September 24 - Update

Be sure to check the letters in the homelearning section, to keep you abreast of current homework and what's going on in your child's yeargroup. You will find information on any upcoming school trips here too.



The MacMillan Coffee Morning is next FRIDAY 28th SEPTEMBER from 9.30. I believe that some Year 6 pupils have written to you requesting any donations of cakes on the Thursday. We will be selling coffee and cakes and the children will be performing for you (I’m not sure what they will be doing!)



We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday from 6.30pm. As well as tours of the school, you will have the opportunity to join groups to hear about:

  • Maths no Problem
  • Reading
  • The Cornerstones Creative Curriculum


September 17 - Update

Some parent have enquired about open evenings for secondary schools. You can visit the website for further information on this here...


September 2018 - Update

Welcome back! We trust you had a good break. The children have returned in good form, ready for the new term. Welcome to the new Year 3 children and our new mwemebrs of staff.

Our learning:

Year 3 

On Monday and Tuesday, Year 3 went on their first trip of their Junior School life to the zoo! You can see some photos here.

Year 4

We will have an engage morning from 9.00 – 12.00 on Friday, 14th September; to support our topic, where we will make Viking longboats. We would like children to bring in some shoe or cereal boxes or any other to help to create these.  Do come in to help in your child’s class, if you can, next Friday.  This all relates to our theme, ‘Raiders and Traders’.  Please let the office know that you intend on coming, so they’ll be able to let you straight through.

Year 5

For Numeracy, children should be learning their times tables and related division facts at home, as well as their Number Star targets.

In Topic, we are looking at Allotments. Children have free choice to choose which home learning task they would like to attempt. These ideas can be found in Home Learning books.

Year 6

This half term we are learning about ‘Tomorrow’s World’. We are exploring the History of Computing and looking at different types of computer malware.

In Maths, we are working on place value of digits up to 10 million; multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000; rounding and placing missing numbers (including decimals) on a number line. We remind you that knowledge of times tables is essential and children should be continuing to practise these (including the inverse, e.g.: 63 ÷ 9 =7).


July 20 - Update

Congratulations to all the award winners at this morning's celebration assembly, including the winners of this month's Care award:



Also, congratulations to the winners of the end of year achievement wards:

June Achivement Winners 2018


July 18 - Update

Today we enjoyed a fabulous Leavers' service at the Minster, where the Year 6 children shared memories of their time at the school. They also treated us to some lovely singing, including some gospel and a bit of rapping too! We wish them well as they move on to their respective schools.


July 12 - Update

Please see the latest newsletter for important information.


We Sing You Sing...

As many of the Minster Junior Community already know last week on Friday 22nd June a large Gospel Choir from the Minster Junior School performed at the Croydon Citadel- formerly known as the Salvation Army Centre.

The large group of performers were assembled from several local schools, including ourselves, Minster Infants and St Andrew's School. What a performance the children put on for the audience.
Nearly 70 children from Minster Juniors were part of the event which involved children from every year group in the school and featured a number of stunning solos, from the likes of Romy Stephenson, Nona Owusu, Partha Sahoo and Joshua Choyen- it was a magical evening with the congregation very much a main part of the proceedings.
So irresistible were the songs, that classic numbers penned by event organiser John Fisher, were being adopted by the audience- 'All Nations Rise' set the tone with a call for all of us to unite 'as one' and share the world properly together as we know we should. John, who is renowned for working with musical heavyweights such as Chaka Khan and Alexander O'Neal, had spent the last 3 months working with the children- encouraging cajoling and 'licking' the choir into shape with the 3 Parish Church Schools sharing 10 sessions together at a range of venues, since April. 
On the night there can be no doubt about the dedication, enthusiasm and sense of exhilaration that all members of the choir and audience derived from a truly uplifting experience. With clear messages about how to live our lives the right way, John and his team of musicians- several of them old boys from the nearby St Andrew's - were a living testimony to the creed that was being preached on the night: 'You can do anything/ If you just believe/ You can do it'.
In the words of one Year 4 pupil- 'I have got so much from the last few weeks that I know if I want to I can do anything, like being a singer or a footballer.'
Such a boost in confidence , self belief and trust in the way people like John Fisher work is truly refreshing and a genuine tonic for all of the members of our community. Comments from parents in the audience were similarly effusive, cementing the sense of family that we know we have here at Minster Juniors. The children should be truly proud of their excellent performances, dedication and energy. Likewise a large team of supporting staff- especially those associated with year 6-  and of course a large proportion of parents who turned up on the night to hear and communicate with their children in a very special evening, must take similar credit.
Many heartfelt thanks go to John and the Deputy Mayor of Croydon who ensured that the event was suitably reinforced as a key learning experience for all involved. Congratulations to all. If you would like to see and hear more about this event please click on the links supplied with this commentary.



June 29 - Important Dates

FUN DAY - FRIDAY 6th JULY (children able to come to school in Mufti). Please bring in a £1 to start off our big fund raising day.

Children from Year 6 will be selling RAFFLE TICKETS before and after school – Prizes include a hamper, wine and chocolates. Remember to send in the colouring competition – we have some excellent ones so far.

We should be grateful if you could help us on the day, as well as sending in:

  • Wrapped Sweets
  • Unwanted Nail Varnish
  • Washed Tin Cans          
  • Cakes

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th from 3.15pm



  • Parents' Evening: Thursday July 12th 3.30 - 8.00pm
  • Year 6 Leavers' Service: Wednesday July 18th 10.00am at the Minster
  • SPORTS’ DAY 19th July starting at 9.30am at the school and 2.00pm at Duppas Hill
  • Year 6 Production: 18th and 19th July, 7.00pm
  • Last day of term: Friday 20th July 
  • School returns: Tuesday 4th September


June 22 - Update


Next week sees the start of our amazing art week, where we will be looking at the apinting "An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump" by Jospeh Wright of Derby. This painting has great historical and scientific significance. The children will be working on a variety of projects based on the painting, which gives great scope for cross-curricular learning. You may remember some of the fantastic work our children produced last time we entered this nationwide competition (run by the National Gallery) some two years ago. You can see some of that work here.








June 21 - Update

Welcome to the longest day! Just a quick update on some fantastic things going on at our school. This week, we held a dance worskshop to celebrate the diversity of the world cup. The children were taught a short dance routine to reflect different nations of the world. We were treated to some Brazilian samba/salsa steps, Spanish flamenco, Italian Tarantella, German "oompah" and Russian Kossacking! It was lovely to see so many children laughing and smiling! Thanks to those of you who came to watch.

Year 6 Update

Production rehearsals are well under way; many of our actors and actresses have learnt their lines well. Please encourage your child to keep practising these. Many children are involved in the making of props – we would be very grateful for any cardboard or materials that could be donated to our prop making team.

Year 5 Update

On Wednesday 20th June we had a lovely visit to The National Gallery to view the painting ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’ by Joseph Wright of Derby. The children were engrossed by seeing the large scale original painting completing some excellent sketches of sections of the painting. They also had the opportunity to admire other paintings by famous artists such as Picasso Van Gogh and Monet. It was a wonderful experience.

Year 4 Update

Trip to the National Gallery and Learning:

Our pupils are excited for the trip to the National Gallery on Monday. As a reminder, the children are going to see the 1768 painting, ‘An Experiment On A Bird in the Air Pump’ by Joseph Wright ‘of Derby’.  This painting and the children’s ideas, will form the foundation of our ‘Take One Picture’ week, next week, as we aim to teach all lessons based on this work of art.  This includes our interpretation of Gothic Novels to how scientific experiments were carried out across the ages.  As we aim to be back from the gallery by 2.30pm, workshops for year 4 pupils will continue, as normal.

This week:

Year 4 have been analysing persasive texts during Literacy lessons; this has included debates around various topics, such as ‘School dinners are better than packed lunches’ – you can imagine it being tricky to truly define what ‘better’ means – and ‘Should children bring mobile phones to school?’ See what the BBC’s ‘Newsround’ thinks. 

Next week, too, we will do some more maths work on perimeters before we move to the area of figures.

Next Week:

Year 4 are timetabled for an ‘Outdoor Learning’ afternoon next Tuesday, 26th June.  Our pupils will tell you more about this, specifically with regards to what learning they carried out whilst outside the classroom.

Year 3 Update

This week Curlews and Kingfishers visited The Minster, our living, growing church. The Minster, dedicated to St John the Baptist, is the Mother Church of Croydon, and as the Civic Church plays an important role in the life of the borough. Croydon Minster has a long and distinguished history. Children have learnt that the church has had close links with the Archbishops of Canterbury who had a Palace in Croydon. Much of that building still stands next to the Minster and is now the Old Palace of John Whitgift School.

They have also enjoyed the dance workshops. Our year 3 classes worked with a dance artist to develop their skills and confidence using movement as an effective teaching tool to engage and enrich our pupils’ learning.

This week the children visited the National Gallery for the whole- school project called ‘Take One Picture’.

In English they have enjoyed writing a set of instructions for rescuing the queen of Troy. We have also used the painting ‘An experiment with the bird in the air pump’ by Joseph Wright of Derby, as the starting point for our work. We have used the approach of the National Gallery’s Take One Picture programme and the children have developed their research skills.

In Maths, the children have now started learning about parallel lines, perpendicular lines and 2-D shapes. We took learning outdoors and with right angle testers, we looked for right angles in and outside the classroom. We have used 2-D shapes and we have described their properties.

In Computing the children are continuing to learn about decoding. Please encourage your child to keep practising these at home.



June 19 - Update

I'm sure everyone enjoyed England's victory against Tunisia. Continuing our World Cup theme, we have had some amazing dance workshops today teaching the children dances from around the World. It was so nice to see Years 5 and 6 having fun!

Well done also to Cormorants on a very entertaining assembly on the Solar System. 


June 18 - Update

Firstly, congratulations to Swans for the most uplifting and exciting World Cup assembly on Friday. Everyone seemed rejuvenated and ready for learning afterwards. Seeing the children waving their colourful flags while Swans danced and sung along to the World Cup anthem was a truly uplifting experience, and it reflected what we at the Minster are all about. Celebrating diversity together. All the colours and countries of the World uniting together and striving to play fairly under an agreed set of rules.

Here are some updates on recent learning from the various year groups:

Year 3

"In year 3, the children submerged themselves in our new topic “Gods and Mortals.” They have started learning about the Greek Myths and the interesting facts about the everyday life of these ancient Greeks.

As part of the Develop Weeks, the children focused on writing Diary Entries. They expressed in role during drama activities and in writing tasks, the characters’ thoughts, feelings, observations and reflections.

As part of our topic, some children dressed up as Ancient Greeks. We had fantastic discussions during this History lesson.

In Maths the children have now started learning about angles: making angles, comparing them and finding them in given shapes. We took learning outdoors and with right angle testers looked for right angles in and outside the classroom.

In Computing the children are continuing to learn about decoding. Please encourage your child to keep practising these at home.

In Science, the children did an investigation about Forces."

Year 4

"We have had a wonderful week of learning, this week, and look forward to maintaining the momentum after the weekend.  Our work on metric units of measures has been quite good, particularly because lots of practical activity has been at the heart of this unit of learning.  For next week, our focus will be on length and distances, so it would be a great idea for you, as parents/carers to discuss the length of a handspan, strides when walking, as well as distances from home to the corner shop, etc.  Persuasive Texts will be our English focus next week.

Thanks to Year 5 Swans, we are well and truly thinking about the teams that our classes are ‘supporting’, and have started to pursue geography lessons so we become more aware of where England, Denmark, Nigeria and Spain are on the map of the world and map of Europe.

Please remember that Grebes and Teals will be off to the mosque in Morden next Monday, 18th June from 9.00 till lunchtime.

We will have a dance expert from the West End stage leading dance workshops for year 4 next Wednesday – I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic time."

Year 5

"In Numeracy the children are learning about Movement and Position of shapes on co-ordinates.Testing your children on their times table will encourage and support them in meeting their Number Stars target.

On Wednesday 20th June 2018, year 5 will be visiting The National Gallery to view the painting ‘An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump’ by Joseph Wright of Derby. This is in preparation for our work during Take One week; an initiative organised for schools by The National Gallery."

Year 6

The children enjoyed making World Cup flags to decorate the classrooms, and also designed peronalised T-shirts to reflect their personality. They have also been starting to prepare for their end-of-term production.


June Update

Following our girls football team's recent success at Leicester, you can read an article on them on the CPFC website here.

The article reads thus:

Eagles Represented At Premier League Tournament

31 May 2018

Palace for Life Foundation took two local schools to the King Power Stadium in Leicester for the experience of a lifetime at the Premier League Primary Stars Schools Tournament.

Pupils from St. James the Great Primary School in Thornton Heath and Minster Junior School in Waddon had the honour of representing Crystal Palace FC on the day and the unique opportunity of competing against other teams representing Premier League Clubs.

Both schools had fought off competition from over 100 other local teams to win their regional Under 11 Mixed and Under 11 Girls tournaments respectively and represent Palace at the showpiece event.

Ogbe, 11, from St. James the Great said: “It was a fabulous day! I felt like a real pro and I felt safe and comfortable. Thank you for the kit, the hotel, and the wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed every minute of this momentous trip."

The Premier League Schools Tournament is an annual event, which was established in 2006 and all 20 Premier League clubs are represented in two six-a-side competitions.

Minster Junior won two of their games and drew one, eventually finishing second in their group, with Sy’ria Thompson-Campbell scoring a fantastic hat-trick against Watford FC’s school. St. James the Great gave a terrific effort throughout the tournament, with Gabriel Bonsu-Amako scoring a brilliant goal against Liverpool FC’s school.

Gabriel said: “I felt a rush of adrenaline pump through my veins! It was truly magical and an experience I’ll never forget.”

More than 12,500 young people and 1,600 teams took part in this year’s tournament right across the country.

Romy, 11, from Minster said: “The day was amazing, it was great seeing other people from all over Britain play. I was excited to have the experience.”

Minster sports teacher Gareth Davies added: “What an unbelievable experience! The whole trip exceeded expectations. The girls leave with a memory that will live with them forever. Thank you Palace for Life Foundation.”

Palace for Life Foundation Primary School Programmes Manager Sam Bacon said: “The Premier League Primary Stars Tournament is a real highlight of the year for us. The chance to travel to a new city and play on a Premier League pitch is fantastic and a huge draw for our local schools. We had over 100 teams take part in the qualifying rounds across south London and both Minster Junior School and St. James the Great represented Palace superbly – we were so proud of them.”



News Update - 24th May

Conratulations to the girls in the Minster football team who played so well representing their school and Crytstal Palace FC at Leicester City yesterday. See Twitter link on the home page.

Also, congratulations to Curlews on ther assembly this morning.


Important Date - INSET 4TH JUNE

Please remember there is an inset day on 4th June, with children returning to school on the 5th.



May Update

First of all, may we wish our year 6 pupils good luck in their SATS this week. Please see here for a timetable.

Also, congratulations to all the winners of awards in last week's values assembly. You can see photos of the values winners in the values section. Go to the creative blog for Artist of the Month. Congratulations also to Kaymarie and Suzanna for their 'Brighten Your Bag' award. See pictures to the right.

There have also been some Year 3 and 4 class assemblies recently, on their respective topics of Tremors and Road Trip USA. Well done to Teals, Grebes and Moorhens classes.


April Update - Tell a Tale...

Here are the winners of the 'Tell a Tale' story writing competition. Winners received a Gold Award along with a 'Create Your Own Story' book:

Year 3 Winner: Ajanth

Year 4 Winner: Satine 

Year 5 Winner: Michael 

Year 6 Winner: Krystal

Special Mentions: 

Year 3: Diana and Shana 

Year 4: Mia and Katia 

Year 5: Bilal, Simone, Ava and Chloe 

Year 6: Stephanie, Aaron, George and Sam 


20th April - Update

Congratulations to last month's values award winners for Faith. The value for April is Humility. Photos of award winners will be displayed on the values page in due course, and around the school.

April 2018 - Update

Welcome back! Please visit the Curriculum page to view the topic planners and see what topics we will be studying this term:

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6


26th March - Update

We had a visit from the mobile planetarium this week which was a great way to support the children's space topic in Year 5. Mr Page has also taken some pictures of the moon this month which can be viewed here.


Remember also to check our school newsletters to keep abreast of news and staff changes. 

Homework and individual year group newsletters can also be viwed for each year group here.

Don't forget to check the Spiritual Blog also! Happy Easter!



As many of you know, our highly successful girls' football team are competing in the Primary Stars National Finals at Leicester City's Stadium on 23rd May.

As many of us as possible will be travelling up the day before to the stadium to support our team at this amazing Premier League venue, making our way up on 22nd May.


23rd March - Update

Thank you to those who came along to the Maths No Problem evening. Please click here to see some photos from this successful event.

*** Don't forget... "COME ALONG AND FIND OUT ABOUT OUR NEW MATHS SCHEME, 'MATHS NO PROBLEM'. We’ll be holding an information evening for parents and carers and junior age children on WEDNESDAY 14TH MARCH at 6.30pm. You’ll be able to have a go yourselves and ask any questions." ***


9th March - Update

Well done to Teals for their class assembly on the environment. We fully expected Mr Saunders to break into his Michael Jackson routine during Earth Song! 

Class assemblies are great for encouraging the children's confidence. Acting and speaking in front of a live audience is never easy!

Please check today's Croydon Advertiser, where you can see an article featuring our girls' football team and their recent successes.


5th March - Update

Thanks to all of you who braved the arctic conditions last week to come to school! 

Another uplifting Values assembly on Friday saw our illustrious girls' football team receive their trophy for winning through to the NATIONAL FINALS of the Primary Stars competition.

They saw off competition from the strongest teams representing the other boroughs surrounding Croydon to earn a place at the prestigious final, hosted at Leicester City's stadium. Our girls will be representing Crystal Palace, and as a result have been presented with Palace kits. They received a beautiful eagle trophy. The girls can be seen on the photo feed, right, as well as on the Twitter feed (@Minster_Jun_sch), where they were pictures with Crystal Palace legend, Julian Speroni. Our very own goalkeeping legend, Aangel, was lucky enough to get her own gloves signed by him!

We also celebrated the value of honesty. The winners can be seen on the values page.

Mr Saunders also presented artist of the week to Denisa in Year 3, and four others were also celebrated for their work (Bailey, Sarah, Esmari and Adele).


1st March - World Book Day

Today we have been celebrating world book day. Some of the activities carried out in school included: Alice in Wonderland riddles during maths (Year 5) and some quotes about reading from Year 6 classes. Some of these quotes were so amazing, we have posted some here:

"The one day that's full of infinite possibilities, different possible outcomes and a rollercoaster of opportunities is 'Tomorrow'." Daniel"

"They turned their can'ts into cans and their dreams into plan!" Hope

"Reading takes you on adventures and takes you to places you never imagined!" Patricia

"If you read everyday, your imagination will always stay." George

"Reading is your key to 'tomorrow'." Aaron



In light of recent weather conditions, can we please draw your attention to our bad weather policy. The school will stay open as long as it is considered safe to do so. Texts will be sent out to parents with any relevant information. Information will be put on the website if possible, but there have been issues with the server this week due to increased web traffic so please check for texts or telephone the school if in doubt.


21st February - Update

Parents' Evening

Please click here to access the booking page.


More Sporting Success!

This week, our illustrious girls' football team once again shone in their football tournament, winning through to the National League final at Leicester City's stadium! This is currently our greatest sporting achievement to date. Please follow our twitter feed here @Minster_Jun_sch to see photos of the girls with their trophy, and pictured with Crystal Palace's very own Julian Speroni!

You can also see photos on Twitter of this week's year 5 trips to Whitgift School. @Minster_Jun_sch


5th February - Update

A fantastic collective worship on Friday revealed the winners of January's values award for Cooperation. This month's value is Honesty. We also had some great news reagrding our girls' football team, who won every match, including a few 4-0 thrashings and victories against teams who had been previously unbeaten, to come first in the Crystal Palace Primary Stars competition.

Many thanks to Crystal Palace first team palyer, Pammy Roberts, for giving up her time to present the girls with their medals. Well done to Aangel, Sy'ria, Romy, Krystal, Mille, Hollie, Rihanna and Lauren.

Well done also to artists of the week and some amazing gold number star winners, including two Year 3 children! Bearing in mind this is a two-sided test with 100 questions including multiplication, division, fractions, conversions to be answered in 20 minutes, to have some Year 3 children pass this is an amazing achievement. Well done also to Aize in Year 5 for passing her Platinum number star, which is a phenomenal achievement at Primary school level.


30th January - Update

Thank you to Father Bayes for taking our worship this morning. You can see details in the Spiritual Blog.



Remember, the most recent homework can be viewed on the website in the News and Dates - Letters Home section. If the children lose their homework letter or are absent when it is handed out, it shows great attitude if they take responsibility to get hold of it and complete it in time for the due date. It is now being displayed as a webpage rather than a PDF. This makes it easier to upload and for you to print. Just right click and print the page.


Year 4 News

Mr Page facilitated our Music Day  on Monday 15th January on the topic of 1066. The children enjoyed themselves and had a great time, listening to and performing ancient music and learning about weird and wonderful early instruments such as the Hurdy Gurdy and the Psaltery.  Our intention is to have one every half term.

The E Safety work shop was very successful. The children were taught how important it is to be safe given the technology they have at their disposal. The information was given with the help of some brilliant animations. We would like to thank all the parents who attended the workshop later on in the evening.

Grebes and Teals visited the Gurdwara on the 18th January.  The children found it very informative. They got a chance to see the artefacts and ask questions. In addition, they were well behaved and were a credit to our school.  Penguins and Kiwis will visit on February 8.


19th January - News Updates

Thank you to all those who attended the eSafety workshops. Please check our eSafety section and Safeguarding section if you want to know more about how the school keeps children safe.

Well done to the netball team for winning both their matches against West Thornton, 3-1 and 5-2. That makes it 3 wins out of 3 so far.


15th January 2018

*eSafety workshops today for staff, pupils and parents!*

A fabulous and quite moving values assembly on Friday saw December's award winners achieve their certificates for living out the value of love. Well done to all the winners who can be seen on the values page.

Also in this assembly, we saw artists of the week Temora and Shamara in Year 6 receive awards for their creative efforts.

We also have thre new gold number stars winners in Year 5: Dunsin, Josiah O and Tori.


8 January 2018 - Topic Updates

"Attention! Code Red! This is serious!..."  These were the fearful words echoing around the Year 5 classrooms uttered by Mrs Jacobs on Thursday last week. The children were hastily gathered up and lined up in the hall while the staff all wore masks. One by one, children were checked behind their ears and under their tongues. Oh no! A rash... Could it be? Surely not! The dreaded Black Death! Some children and one poor member of satff (Mr Page) were led to the quarantine zone. Of course it was all make-believe, and an introduction to the new Year 5 topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. Starting the topic in this way injected some real power into the children's writing, as they were able to relate to the fear of that time. Apologies to those children who were genuinely nervous... but it did get some great writing out of them and they were swiftly reassured that it was all make-believe!

Scroll through the pictures on the right to see images from this terrible event!

Year 4 have begun their 1066 topic, and are already making their own versions of the Bayeux Tapestry with some nice artwork on strips of material.

Year 3 are doing Tribal Tales for theri next topic. They have had a look at stone circles and will be reading the classic book Stig of the Dump.

In Year 6, the new topic is the Ice Kingdom. They have already been exploring and describing ice, including smelling, touching and even eating ice cubes!

More to follow...


3rd January 2015

Welcome back everyone. We look forward to seeing the children back this week for another busy term and we hope everyone had a peaceful and joyful Christmas and New Year.

Attendance: Some children have designed attendance posters to go up around the school. Please go to the attendance page to view them.


15th December - DATES FOR YOUR DIARY...

Our Christmas Service is at The Minster Croydon on Wednesday 20th December at 2.00pm.

Also... We’re holding an E-SAFETY EVENING on Monday 15th January 2018 at 5.30 till 7pm. It is going to be led by who will offer you lots of advice and guidance on what your children are doing and seeing on line and how you can keep them safe. This is a really useful course and we hope to see lots of you attending.


14th December - Update - Parent Questionnaire and Raffle Information

You can see results of the parent questionnaire here.

The current Newsletter is out which you can read here. Please note that some excellent prizes from the RAFFLE TICKET DRAW have not been claimed.

If you would like to make a bid for any of the following items by Monday at 4pm, please email us your bid on

and state what you would like to bid for …


drop a note into the school office. We’ll distribute the items next Tuesday 19th December, so please make sure you put your contact number on your bid.

One Christmas Hamper (value £18)

One 7 foot high Christmas Tree (value £25 + )

One Iced Christmas Fruit Cake (value £25)

Cinema tickets for 2

One £15 Garden Voucher

Nandos Voucher – full platter

Nuffield Health 14 day Gym Pass


11th December - Update

Congratulations to the winners of the 'Peace' value during Friday's worship. Photos to follow. Congratulations also to the gold number star winners: Chloe and Liam in Swans, and Tobi in Avocets. 

Today (Monday) the Year 3 children are performing in their Soundstart concerts. How great it is to see chidlren at this age having the opportunity to play and perform with string orchestral instruments. You can see some pictures of Moorhen's concert here.


3rd December

Thank you to all those who came on Friday and helped to make the Christmas Fair a success! 


Year 4 Music Day

This week Mr Page led a music workshop in Year 4. The children have had a particularly strong science bias this year, so Mr Page planned activities around pitch and amplitude. The children watched a clip of Ravel's 'Bolero' and identified different instruments in an orchestra. Then, each child had a chance to perform in Minster's very own 'bottle' orchestra, where bottles were filled with liquid and tuned to different pitches in order that the children could perform the theme tune to Harry Potter by striking the bottles with sticks in the correct order. This ties in with their 'potions' topic, and the children were encouraged to pretend the music was coming from a magic potion within the bottles!

You can see some photos here.


1st December - Update

Just a quick word on the WOW Travel tracker which the school has signed up for:

"The WOW Travel Tracker is used by schools participating in WOW, the year-round walk to school challenge, to record daily pupil journeys and earn their monthly WOW badges.

Each class is provided with an engaging dashboard to see which classes are leading the way in active travel. Pupils log daily journeys to school on the system. The WOW Travel Tracker also confirms which pupils have walked enough to earn a badge each month and these key statistics can be used to earn your school a Modeshift STARS award."

Click here to find out more!


30th November - Updates

Our Christmas Dinner menu is now available to view here.

Don't forget the Christmas Fair is this Friday!


24th November - Updates

The latest Newsletter is out. Important info includes:

Our CHRISTMAS FAIR is on FRIDAY 1st DECEMBER from 3.30 to 5.30pm

We’re collecting items for the TOMBOLA stall, the CAKE stall, and WRAPPED SWEETS for the children’s tombola.

If you have any empty jars, the Year 6 team would be grateful to receive them for the items they are making to sell at the Fair.


The children are selling RAFFLE TICKETS every morning before school and at the end of the day.

The raffle prizes are:


Tickets cost 50p each or 5 for £2


17th November 2017 - Anti-Bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week, the children will be doing some activities on this today. More to follow.

Our current newsletter is available to view here...


We will need to limit numbers so if you cannot come along this term, we will be letting you have dates for next term. The following dates are available, please ring the school office to book your time :

Monday 27th November  10am – 10.45am

Thursday 30th November 2pm – 2.45pm

Tuesday 12th December 10am – 10.45am


16th November 2017 - What's going on in school?

As part of their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious!' topic, Year 3 looked at some revolting food from around the world and discussed that what is normal for some people is horrible for others!

They also wrote a recipe for making haggis, the Scottish speciality.

In Year 4, as part of their 'Potions' topic, the children have been looking at Roald Dahl's story, The BFG. Following on from their science focus on sound, the children have now been learning about solids, liquids and gases.

Year 5 have had some time machines built in their classes as part of their new 'Time Traveller' topic. The one in Cormorants is so convincing, we fully expect Dr Who, or maybe even a dinosaur to turn up at any moment!

Talking of building things in classrooms, Year 6 have been lucky enough to have a fully operational Anderson shelter built for them in one of the classrooms in Year 6, thanks to the creative dedication by our staff. This is to link with their 'A Child's War' topic. Groups of children have been lucky enough to have writing sessions inside the shelter, sitting amongst authentic items such as tinned food, ration books and an old-fashioned telephone. Whilst there, they've been writing their evacuee diary entries using 1940's-style language features. Please see photos here of some members of Green Hub inside the shelter.

Remember that you can check each year group's topics in the curriculum section.

Don't forget to look at the Twitter feed at the bottom of this page for other updates on school life and activities.


9th November 2017

Parents' Evening Booking System is now live. Click here to book your appointment...

Remember, the Parents' Evening Booking system goes live 9/11/17

Merits- 6th November

Hawking are currently in the lead with a total of 429 merits! Head over to our Merits page to see individual class information...

Dates for your Diary 

Unfortunately, we have had to change some dates posted earlier on in the year.  Please note the date changes written in bold.

  • Parents’ Evening:  Wednesday 22nd November  The Booking system goes live 9/11/17
  • National Anti Bullying Week: 13th – 17th November
  • Children in Need Mufti Day: Friday 17th November (please bring along a £1)
  • Christmas Fayre: Friday 1st December
  • Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch: Tuesday 19th December
  • Christmas Service at The Minster : Wednesday 20th December 

Latest Newsletter!

Celebrations and Successes! - 6th November 2017

This week we have all enjoyed celebrating Black History Month. Well done to all the children and staff for an amazing week, and what a great way to start the week with this morning's celebration assembly. Please check the image gallery, as new work will be added through the coming days.

We have learnt about famous artists and designers and had a go at African Drumming and Steel Pans.  Thank you to Mr Pinto and Mr Saunders for organising an exciting and memorable week!

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Tag Rugby event.  They won all 5 matches and now represent the school in the finals on 20th November. They were awarded certificates in Worship this morning.

After the event, Mr Davies was awarded ‘Coach of the Day’ for his enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.    


Artist of the Month

Well done to artist of the month, Caden in Avocets, for his amazing Basquiat artwork. It was hard to choose a winner, with amazing efforts also from Kameryn, Joisiah O, Simone and Ryan.


Brighten Your Bag Competiton - 3rd November 2017

Well done to the winners and all those who particiapted in this competiton. Prizes and certificates were handed out in this morning's assembly. You can see photos attached in this section.


Black History Week - 2nd November 2017

Today we had an amazing steel pan collective worship and workshops throughout the day. How lovely to hear the children singing along to Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' in worship. You can see a slelection of photos and video clips in the gallery here.


Black History Week -  w/c 30th Oct 2017

This week sees a programme of exciting events to celebrate Black History Week. On Monday we have a drumming assembly, followed by African drumming and steel drum workshops for the pupils throughout the week. We will be also learning about various key African figures today and throughout history, and incorporating them into our curriculum subjects.

On Friday, parents will be able to see work done by the students throughout the week, displayed in the school hall.


PGL and Trips

This week saw our Year 6 children head off to Dorset for their PGL trip. The remaining Year 6 students have an exciting programme of trips to ensure they don't miss out on any fun, including the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Croydon and The Museum of London.

On Monday we see the return of Year 6 and we also welcome Father Bayes for collective worship.



Don't forget, our exciting workshops begin today. If your child is staying for the second workshop, remember to collect them from their usual classroom at 4pm.



We a running a National Curry Week & National Chocolate Week theme menu all next week, 

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