19th January - News Updates

Thank you to all those who attended the eSafety workshops. Please check our eSafety section and Safeguarding section if you want to know more about how the school keeps children safe.


Well done to the netball team for winning both their matches against West Thornton, 3-1 and 5-2. That makes it 3 wins out of 3 so far.

15th January 2018

*eSafety workshops today for staff, pupils and parents!*

A fabulous and quite moving values assembly on Friday saw December's award winners achieve their certificates for living out the value of love. Well done to all the winners who can be seen on the values page.

Also in this assembly, we saw artists of the week Temora and Shamara in Year 6 receive awards for their creative efforts.

We also have thre new gold number stars winners in Year 5: Dunsin, Josiah O and Tori.


8 January 2018 - Topic Updates

"Attention! Code Red! This is serious!..."  These were the fearful words echoing around the Year 5 classrooms uttered by Mrs Jacobs on Thursday last week. The children were hastily gathered up and lined up in the hall while the staff all wore masks. One by one, children were checked behind their ears and under their tongues. Oh no! A rash... Could it be? Surely not! The dreaded Black Death! Some children and one poor member of satff (Mr Page) were led to the quarantine zone. Of course it was all make-believe, and an introduction to the new Year 5 topic of Peasants, Princes and Pestilence. Starting the topic in this way injected some real power into the children's writing, as they were able to relate to the fear of that time. Apologies to those children who were genuinely nervous... but it did get some great writing out of them and they were swiftly reassured that it was all make-believe!

Scroll through the pictures on the right to see images from this terrible event!

Year 4 have begun their 1066 topic, and are already making their own versions of the Bayeux Tapestry with some nice artwork on strips of material.

Year 3 are doing Tribal Tales for theri next topic. They have had a look at stone circles and will be reading the classic book Stig of the Dump.

In Year 6, the new topic is the Ice Kingdom. They have already been exploring and describing ice, including smelling, touching and even eating ice cubes!

More to follow...


3rd January 2015

Welcome back everyone. We look forward to seeing the children back this week for another busy term and we hope everyone had a peaceful and joyful Christmas and New Year.

Attendance: Some children have designed attendance posters to go up around the school. Please go to the attendance page to view them.


15th December - DATES FOR YOUR DIARY...

Our Christmas Service is at The Minster Croydon on Wednesday 20th December at 2.00pm.

Also... We’re holding an E-SAFETY EVENING on Monday 15th January 2018 at 5.30 till 7pm. It is going to be led by who will offer you lots of advice and guidance on what your children are doing and seeing on line and how you can keep them safe. This is a really useful course and we hope to see lots of you attending.


14th December - Update - Parent Questionnaire and Raffle Information

You can see results of the parent questionnaire here.

The current Newsletter is out which you can read here. Please note that some excellent prizes from the RAFFLE TICKET DRAW have not been claimed.

If you would like to make a bid for any of the following items by Monday at 4pm, please email us your bid on

and state what you would like to bid for …


drop a note into the school office. We’ll distribute the items next Tuesday 19th December, so please make sure you put your contact number on your bid.

One Christmas Hamper (value £18)

One 7 foot high Christmas Tree (value £25 + )

One Iced Christmas Fruit Cake (value £25)

Cinema tickets for 2

One £15 Garden Voucher

Nandos Voucher – full platter

Nuffield Health 14 day Gym Pass


11th December - Update

Congratulations to the winners of the 'Peace' value during Friday's worship. Photos to follow. Congratulations also to the gold number star winners: Chloe and Liam in Swans, and Tobi in Avocets. 

Today (Monday) the Year 3 children are performing in their Soundstart concerts. How great it is to see chidlren at this age having the opportunity to play and perform with string orchestral instruments. You can see some pictures of Moorhen's concert here.


3rd December

Thank you to all those who came on Friday and helped to make the Christmas Fair a success! 


Year 4 Music Day

This week Mr Page led a music workshop in Year 4. The children have had a particularly strong science bias this year, so Mr Page planned activities around pitch and amplitude. The children watched a clip of Ravel's 'Bolero' and identified different instruments in an orchestra. Then, each child had a chance to perform in Minster's very own 'bottle' orchestra, where bottles were filled with liquid and tuned to different pitches in order that the children could perform the theme tune to Harry Potter by striking the bottles with sticks in the correct order. This ties in with their 'potions' topic, and the children were encouraged to pretend the music was coming from a magic potion within the bottles!

You can see some photos here.


1st December - Update

Just a quick word on the WOW Travel tracker which the school has signed up for:

"The WOW Travel Tracker is used by schools participating in WOW, the year-round walk to school challenge, to record daily pupil journeys and earn their monthly WOW badges.

Each class is provided with an engaging dashboard to see which classes are leading the way in active travel. Pupils log daily journeys to school on the system. The WOW Travel Tracker also confirms which pupils have walked enough to earn a badge each month and these key statistics can be used to earn your school a Modeshift STARS award."

Click here to find out more!


30th November - Updates

Our Christmas Dinner menu is now available to view here.

Don't forget the Christmas Fair is this Friday!


24th November - Updates

The latest Newsletter is out. Important info includes:

Our CHRISTMAS FAIR is on FRIDAY 1st DECEMBER from 3.30 to 5.30pm

We’re collecting items for the TOMBOLA stall, the CAKE stall, and WRAPPED SWEETS for the children’s tombola.

If you have any empty jars, the Year 6 team would be grateful to receive them for the items they are making to sell at the Fair.


The children are selling RAFFLE TICKETS every morning before school and at the end of the day.

The raffle prizes are:


Tickets cost 50p each or 5 for £2


17th November 2017 - Anti-Bullying Week

As part of anti-bullying week, the children will be doing some activities on this today. More to follow.

Our current newsletter is available to view here...


We will need to limit numbers so if you cannot come along this term, we will be letting you have dates for next term. The following dates are available, please ring the school office to book your time :

Monday 27th November  10am – 10.45am

Thursday 30th November 2pm – 2.45pm

Tuesday 12th December 10am – 10.45am


16th November 2017 - What's going on in school?

As part of their 'Scrumdiddlyumptious!' topic, Year 3 looked at some revolting food from around the world and discussed that what is normal for some people is horrible for others!

They also wrote a recipe for making haggis, the Scottish speciality.

In Year 4, as part of their 'Potions' topic, the children have been looking at Roald Dahl's story, The BFG. Following on from their science focus on sound, the children have now been learning about solids, liquids and gases.

Year 5 have had some time machines built in their classes as part of their new 'Time Traveller' topic. The one in Cormorants is so convincing, we fully expect Dr Who, or maybe even a dinosaur to turn up at any moment!

Talking of building things in classrooms, Year 6 have been lucky enough to have a fully operational Anderson shelter built for them in one of the classrooms in Year 6, thanks to the creative dedication by our staff. This is to link with their 'A Child's War' topic. Groups of children have been lucky enough to have writing sessions inside the shelter, sitting amongst authentic items such as tinned food, ration books and an old-fashioned telephone. Whilst there, they've been writing their evacuee diary entries using 1940's-style language features. Please see photos here of some members of Green Hub inside the shelter.

Remember that you can check each year group's topics in the curriculum section.

Don't forget to look at the Twitter feed at the bottom of this page for other updates on school life and activities.


9th November 2017

Parents' Evening Booking System is now live. Click here to book your appointment...

Remember, the Parents' Evening Booking system goes live 9/11/17

Merits- 6th November

Hawking are currently in the lead with a total of 429 merits! Head over to our Merits page to see individual class information...

Dates for your Diary 

Unfortunately, we have had to change some dates posted earlier on in the year.  Please note the date changes written in bold.

  • Parents’ Evening:  Wednesday 22nd November  The Booking system goes live 9/11/17
  • National Anti Bullying Week: 13th – 17th November
  • Children in Need Mufti Day: Friday 17th November (please bring along a £1)
  • Christmas Fayre: Friday 1st December
  • Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch: Tuesday 19th December
  • Christmas Service at The Minster : Wednesday 20th December 

Latest Newsletter!

Celebrations and Successes! - 6th November 2017

This week we have all enjoyed celebrating Black History Month. Well done to all the children and staff for an amazing week, and what a great way to start the week with this morning's celebration assembly. Please check the image gallery, as new work will be added through the coming days.

We have learnt about famous artists and designers and had a go at African Drumming and Steel Pans.  Thank you to Mr Pinto and Mr Saunders for organising an exciting and memorable week!

Some of our Year 5 and 6 children took part in a Tag Rugby event.  They won all 5 matches and now represent the school in the finals on 20th November. They were awarded certificates in Worship this morning.

After the event, Mr Davies was awarded ‘Coach of the Day’ for his enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.    


Artist of the Month

Well done to artist of the month, Caden in Avocets, for his amazing Basquiat artwork. It was hard to choose a winner, with amazing efforts also from Kameryn, Joisiah O, Simone and Ryan.


Brighten Your Bag Competiton - 3rd November 2017

Well done to the winners and all those who particiapted in this competiton. Prizes and certificates were handed out in this morning's assembly. You can see photos attached in this section.


Black History Week - 2nd November 2017

Today we had an amazing steel pan collective worship and workshops throughout the day. How lovely to hear the children singing along to Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' in worship. You can see a slelection of photos and video clips in the gallery here.


Black History Week -  w/c 30th Oct 2017

This week sees a programme of exciting events to celebrate Black History Week. On Monday we have a drumming assembly, followed by African drumming and steel drum workshops for the pupils throughout the week. We will be also learning about various key African figures today and throughout history, and incorporating them into our curriculum subjects.

On Friday, parents will be able to see work done by the students throughout the week, displayed in the school hall.


PGL and Trips

This week saw our Year 6 children head off to Dorset for their PGL trip. The remaining Year 6 students have an exciting programme of trips to ensure they don't miss out on any fun, including the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Croydon and The Museum of London.

On Monday we see the return of Year 6 and we also welcome Father Bayes for collective worship.



Don't forget, our exciting workshops begin today. If your child is staying for the second workshop, remember to collect them from their usual classroom at 4pm.



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