March 2019 - Update

Our school environment is continuing to look exciting with great pieces of artwork inspired by the engaging topics from our curriculum. Photos to follow shortly...


Art Groups with Mr Saunders

In Year 3 art workshops, the children have been creating their very own cave paintings using dark brown paper and subtle colours to make a more realistic cave painting. 

Year 4 have been creating totem poles in each class made entirely from recycled materials to try and portray their class characteristics; country of origin; and likes and dislikes. Year 4 have been creating digestive system models and in some classes, working digestive system models.
Year 5 have been creating realistic treasure maps using warm paper and subtle colours for the Alchemy Island Projec
Last term, Year 6 created Frozen Kingdom landscapes and looked at animals that would live in that terrain, creatng pieces of artwork using different mediums such as paint and pencil.


December 2018 - Art Groups

Recently, Mr Saunders was interviewed about Art in the school. Mr Saunders regularly takes chidlren out of class on a rotation basis, so that everyone has a chance to indulge in a creative project linked with the year group's topic. Here's what he had to say:

"This term in Year 3, we have been looking at the "Scrumdiddlyumptious" topic and we have made fruits, vegetables and cakes from Plaster of Paris and clay and then painted them.

In year 4 we looked at their topic of "Potions" where the children made their own fragrances. I wanted to do something different so we looked at their science topic which was solids, liquids and gases states of matter. We created a hot air balloon topic where we blew into it (our carbon dioxide being the gas). Then we used papier mache and Plaster of Paris to make it go from a liquid to a solid. Then, we painted the rest of the balloon and further reinforced the idea of a liquid to a solid by using a glue gun to stick on the baskets. They will hang from the ceiling, as we did last year, where they look rather effective.

In Year 5 we looked at the "Time Traveller" topic and we made time machines in my art class which linked into DT as well as art.

In Year 6 art we have looked at their topic "Child's War" which is all about World War II. The children painted and used pastels and graphite to do bullets in silhouette scenes which is rather effective."


December 2018 - Art in Class

Amongst the many creative things goin on around the school, teh Year 6 children have designed some amazing propganda posters for their Child's War topic. See below.





December 2018 - School Environment

Mr Saunders has been working tirelessly on making our school an inspiring environment fot our chidlren. The "Chillout Zone" which also doubles up as our library, has now been transformed into a wonderland that combines elements from major children's stories. Walking through it, you may encounter the evil Valdermort, the grinning Cheshire cat or the wardrobe that leads to Narnia. You may see a sign to Hogwarts, or the evil eye of Sauron glaring down on your from Mordor, ever searching for that one ring to rule them all.






July Update

There have been many exciting art projects around the school this year, thanks mainly to Mr Saunders who has encouraged some extremely creative and sometimes 'edgy' art from the children.

Last week, Mr Saunders presented the artist of the year awards during assembly. The proud winners are as follows:

Year 6:

Year 5:
Robert Lim

Year 4:

Year 3:


Take One Picture

The School has entered the Take One Picture competition, run by the National Gallery. Some work will be uploaded in due course.


May Update

Congratulations to Kiya for receiving the Artist of the Week award. (See pictures to the right.)


March 2018 - Update

Well done to Denisa and the other artists who were given Artist of the Week awards in last week's valus assembly!


Art Workshop

During Monday workshops, Mr Saunders has been working on entries for a competition based on the John Lewis 'Moz the Monster' ad campaign.


Black History Week: WC 30th Oct 2017

What a success black history week was! This was mainly due to some of the fantastic artwork produced by the chidlren, that showed a maturity beyond their years.

Miss Frois' class in Year 5 produced a Basquiat pastiche, as did many children in Mr Saunder's art group. Year 5 also created some amazing tee-shirt designs. 

Year 3 made Basquiat-style pictures of fruit and veg using chalks, and Year 4 made some fantatstic African masks and 3D 'ghetto blasters'.

Year 6 made some striking Aboriginal paintings using a limited colour palette to reflect the earthy colours used by the Australian natives.


Artist of the Month

Well done to artist of the month, Caden in Avocets, for his amazing Basquiat artwork. It was hard to choose a winner, with amazing efforts also from Kameryn, Joisiah O, Simone and Ryan.


Brighten Your Bag Competiton - 3rd November 2017

Well done to the winners and all those who particiapted in this competiton. Prizes and certificates were handed out in this morning's assembly. You can see photos attached in this section.


Reading Corners

Mr Saunders has been busy making classrooms look inspiring for the children, particularly by painting book themes and characters on the windows of classrooms. You can see more in the gallery section here...

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