Christmas Service

Thanks to all those who came to the Minster for our Christmas Service. It was a magical end to the term, with some confident singing and acting performances from the children. Year 6's up-to-date Jingle Bells round was very entertaining!

Thanks also to Father Lee for his input, and not least for charing his festive flashing jumper and slippers with us!


What Have We Been Learning?

Year 6 recently produced some fantastic Islamic designs based on the style of Islamic prayer mats. They also looked at Salat, one of the Five Pillars of Islam Salat, and particularly focussed on the Wudu part of Salat.

Year 5 have been looking at pilgrimages and how visiting sacred places differs from a normal holiday. They also looked at Prophets and the prophecies that led to the birth of Jesus. The children then linked this with the preparations leading up to Christmas, as well as making links to how other faiths prepare for religious festivals.

Year 4 also looked at prophets, particularly John the Baptist. They then looked at Christmas advertising and how advertisers and manufacturers, rightly or wrongly, often use spiritual or thought-provoking messages to help sell products. The children were encouraged to discuss the true meaning of Christmas and how the act of giving, sharing and spreading love can transcend material and commercial concerns.


Christmas Service Dec 2017

Don't forget the Christmas Service at the Minster on 20th December 2017. Details to follow.


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What's On at the Minster Church?

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Sept 2017 Harvest Festival

How lovely it was to spend Tuesday afternoon at the Minster to honour this yearly tradition. It was the first time we have been together in the Minster with our new Year 3 children. Father Lee gave a lovely service, in which he celebrated this fantastic time of year and all that it has to offer, especially the autumn sunshine and colours. He used a can of soup as a means of giving thanks for all that it represents.

We were treated to some great readings from Year 5 children, and we sang a lovely collection of songs including seasonal favourites such as 'Autumn Days' and 'Conkers'.

However, it has to be said that by far the most memorable part of the afternoon was seeing the generosity of the children of Minster Juniors, whio filed up to the front so sensibly and completely covered the altar in offerings of food for those in greater need than themselves.




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