Year 5 Newsletters and Home Learning

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Friday 15th March 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was great to see so many of you at Parents’ Evening last night. The mid- year discussions about the progress and attainment of the children is vital to ensure we share the same perceptions about the way they are responding to lessons in school, especially as they will shortly be making big decisions about which of the local Secondary Schools they hope to join in September 2020. Please make sure you come back to us if there are further issues to discuss. To do this please contact your child’s class teacher via the school office.

In terms of the activities explored during the last few days it has also been exciting week. The children have been involved in completing their own story-writing. Furthermore, the drama workshops sessions on Tuesday, ensured that the background work undertaken in class about Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ are fully set in context. Play script and drama work continues next week.

The topic- Alchemy Island is based on several texts- such as ‘The Tempest’ and ‘Jumanji’. Children have worked on stories similar to the ideas evident in these and other related texts, especially the premise of the story being linked to an unfinished ‘Board Game’. This is the challenge for the children. They will be working in pairs to create an original BOARD GAME of their own that must be finished by Week 6, in two weeks, ready to share and play with peers and possibly Year 3 buddies in the last week of term.

This is where we hope you can help…

 Children will need to source basic materials for themselves- sturdy boxes to contain their games. Toughened cardboard for the playing surface. Counters- like those used in Monopoly, Risk or Buccaneer- as well as be inventive in the way they develop a set of cards, rules, tokens and incentives for the players of the game. If you could send in any extra boxes or cardboard, it would be much appreciated. It is hoped the board games will be original, easy to play and related in some way to one or two of the themes of ‘freedom, slavery, control, forgiveness, revenge, magic, power, hope, friendship, good and evil’. These have featured in their study of reading texts in the last few weeks.

Well done to the children who attended the Minster Church yesterday. The vicar was very impressed with the subject knowledge and enthusiasm displayed by the members of Avocets and Swans. This morning Herons and Cormorants classes will be undertaking the same trip.

Science work will involve more experiments with materials, especially testing suitable materials for a range of insulating properties. The quality of the scientific observations and predictions made last week showed significant improvement since last term. We anticipate more fun and investigation work.

As a means of linking the Shakespearian play, ‘The Tempest’ with their topic the children are being asked to further research the life of William Shakespeare and another Shakespeare play for homework this week. Similar to the scientist studies, a brief or detailed fact file, poster or information leaflet will support work we do next week in class. Please don’t let the children forget that we still need more background information about the key scientists that we are studying in Y5 this term:

Antoine Lavoisier [1743-1794], Dmitri Mendeleyev [1834- 1907], Sir Humphry Davy [1778- 1829], John Dalton [1766- 1844], Marie Curie [1867- 1934]

The research could be in the form of a poster, leaflet or fact file. It is hoped that this piece of work will be of a suitable standard that it can be displayed. Work may be completed on the computer. We thank you again for your ongoing support.

The Year 5 Team: Mr Greenfield, Mrs Hamed, Mr Pinto, Miss. Hewitt, Mr Davies