Year 4 Newsletters and Home Learning

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Year 4 Newsletter  Friday, June 29, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers:

Learning :

This week we have focussed heavily on cross-curricular learning opportunities, with the ‘Take One Picture’ as the main stimulus. It has been very different but interesting, exciting and engaging for our pupils and staff alike.  Next week, we aim to take our learning forward with Persuasive Leaflets in English and Angles in mathematics.  Please use every given chance to explore angles with the children; talk about the names and (rough) sizes of the angles and give them the opportunity to compare, perhaps simply by them saying, ‘this angle is bigger than that one, and I know that because…’

Dates including Summer Fair:

Summer Fair will be held on Friday, beginning at 3:00pm.  It will also be a mufti day, so children can wear their own clothes to school and pay £1 for the privilege.  As you probably know, it all goes towards a wonderful cause – that of creating an all-purpose sports field/ground at our school, more of which I am sure you will be told about.  Again, please contact Mr Saunders with any bright ideas including your availability to help operate a stall.

Remember that Kiwis and Penguins will visit the Morden mosque on Tusday, 10th July.

Parents’ Evening will be held on 12th July.


Please remember that all pupils are meant to research and work on one of the bullet-pointed homelearning topics given to them at the end of the spring term; this should be presented in their green exercise books.  Maths will continue to be sent home.

Mrs Fernandes, Mr Costello, Mr Pinto, Mr Saunders and Mr Francis wish you all a good weekend.