Year 4 Newsletters and Home Learning

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Year 4 Newsletter   -   05 October, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers:

Thank you for supporting our usual requests, whether it’s for plastic bottles and cardboard boxes or for items for the Harvest Festival at The Minster.  We appreciate your kindness.


As usual, please listen to your child/ren read as much as possible, but at least three times weekly.  Get them to practise their times tables with you, too.  In fact, as many of our children show a lack of fluency in their tables, the office is selling times tables books for £1 each.  Please purchase one; they are a fantastic resource to support the children’s learning of their tables so that their quick recall becomes habitual.  Remember, too, that the children’s maths number stars’ targets are now in their green home-learning books.  Please support them so they progress through the ‘stars’.


Spelling words for next week:

promising, historical, certain, completion, improving, centralised, disappearance, certain, consideration, various, fame, sugary, accidental, nature, popularity, purposeful, wholly, decide, library, irregular.

If you get a different set of spellings, your words are: everybody, path, parents, would, most, only, because, clothes, busy, people.


Be reminded that toys including Pokemon cards and ‘slime’ are simply not allowed in school, and will be confiscated if children are found with these distractions.


Quick Check:

Is your child able to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000?  Please check and support them while they practise.


Happy birthday: to Aanya Patel in Penguins who will celebrate her birthday in the coming week.


Have a great weekend: Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Harshavardhan, Mr Clarke, Mr Gibbons & Mr Francis.