Year 4 Newsletters and Home Learning

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Year 4 Newsletter: March 15th, 2019


Dear Parents/Carers:

This week in maths we started a new topic. The new topic is time, which always sees a huge difference in ability throughout a class. Those children that maintain a strong understanding, usually have practice telling the time at home. Therefore, we kindly ask parents/carers to practice telling the time with children, both on 12 hour and 24 hour clocks and converting between the two.

In English we have been studying playscripts, turning narratives into playscripts as well as using them for doing drama.

For the weekly homework task, please ask the children to choose and complete one task from the topic list in their homework books. In addition, practising times tables is hugely important in Year 4. The children should be able to recite all of their times tables (1-12), by the end of the year.

Reading: In order to help children continually improve their reading, we ask children to read at home with an adult. We encourage them to do this at least four times a week. This should also be recorded in their yellow books.

Swimming: Please remind the children to bring their swimming kits to school on their respective swimming days.

If children are unable to take part in swimming classes for medical reasons, please provide a letter to the class teacher to explain this.

Trip to Tate Modern: We have a trip coming up to Tate Modern, where we will focus on American art. This will be a great opportunity for the children to appreciate art as well as act as an inspiration to produce their own art work. Teals and Kiwis will go on March 26th. Penguins and Grebes will go on March 27th. A permission letter will follow closer to the time.

Class Assembly: Teals assembly is on 21st March.             

Spelling: Please learn the following spelling words from the national curriculum list: (possessive apostrophe with plural words) girls’, boys’, babies’, children’s, men’s, mice’s, accept, except, affect, effect, berry, bury, brake, break, fair, fare, grate, great, groan, grown.

The 2nd set of spelling words has the following: hiking, hiked, hiker, nicer, nicest, shiny, all, ball, call, wall.

Kind regards,

Mrs Fernandes, Mrs Harshavardhan, Mr Clarke, Mr Gibbons & Mr Francis