Year 4 Newsletters and Home Learning

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Year 4 Homework Letter –2nd  February  , 2018


Dear Parents/Carers:

Year 4 Trip

Penguins and Kiwis will be visting the Gurdwara on the February 8.  The previous visit was a great success and I am sure the children will be able learn more about Sikhism.

Spelling Focus:  homophones and near homophones.

whose/who’s, peace/piece, whether/weather and medal/meddle.

Which other pairs of homophones can you find to practise?

Information for next week:

We will definitely be making torches next week. We would like you to bring in small cereals boxes, small Pringles boxes or kitchen rolls.  Some of you have sent some in already, so thank you.

As the last week of the half-term approaches, we will be carrying out the ‘Innovate’ and ‘Express’ elements of our Cornerstone curriculum – ‘1066: The Norman Conquest’.  The children will therefore be designing board games and so on.  No doubt, they’ll love these practical learning sessions.


This is, as you know, handed out every Friday and is expected in the following Wednesday.  Please continue to support the children when they need help, and do listen to them read after which you are kindly expected to sign in their English journals.  We do believe, and there is evidence to suggest, that this area of most pupils’ work, is improving.

Value of the Month: 

The school value for February is ‘Honesty’; pupils will need to work hard because the teachers are already looking.


Birthday greetings to: Samuel Odumosu, Tia- Marie Sills and Chloe Wrench from Penguins and Chikamso Ugoji from Teals  who celebrate their birthdays  in the coming week.

Have a great weekend.


Mrs Fernandes, Mr Costello, Mr Saunders, Mr Pinto and Mr Francis