Year 3 Newsletters and Home Learning

Year 3 homework letters 2018-19

Friday 15thst March 2019

This week Year 3 enjoyed the highly, humorous, original and deep thinking picture book, ‘UG’ by Raymond Briggs.  Not only is UG a genius, but so is Raymond Briggs. Why don’t you check out this terrific author’s books next time you are visiting Croydon library?  

English The spellings this week are from the Year 3 /4 Statutory Spelling List (front of yellow books). Your child should have chosen spellings they feel they still need to revise.

Maths No Problem Year 3 are currently reading weighing scales. Why not encourage your child to bake with you this weekend? We are currently converting grams and kilograms.

Thank you Parents and Carers who attended the consultations on Thursday. If you still need to see your child’s teacher. Pop in or call the office to make an alternate appointment.

Science Corner for fun!

Each week this term we would like Year 3 to investigate an inventor or invention.

This week’s focus is Marie Curie. (What about making a daffodil shaped poster about her?)                                       

What year was she born? Is she still alive?

Why was she influential? What did she discover?

The value of the month is Faith