Our Staff

The Minster Junior School is a welcoming and happy place to work. Staff are professional, supportive and friendly. There is an open and sharing attitude which leads to children receiving every opportunity to help them learn and be happy at school. All staff play a fundamental role in caring for children which we call ‘Duty of Care’. This duty is to ensure the safety, happiness and wellbeing of all children and means that we always listen to children and never dismiss what they have to say. It also means that we are never ‘off duty’ and will deal with any incident that arises immediately (although this may mean personally referring the issue to another member of staff). The importance that we place on this ‘Duty of Care’ results in the school being a happy, busy working environment for both children and staff with good relationships with parents and the wider community.

Title Name Duties

Leadership Team



Mrs Hannah Farhan

Raising Standards / Christian Distinctiveness and Ethos / Performance Management / Overall Safeguarding / School Council / Overall Line Management 

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Julian Greenfield

Teaching and Learning / Year 6 Class Teacher job share

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Mr Derrick Francis

Head of Inclusion / SENco / DSL Safeguarding / Staffing / Support Staff 

Assistant Headteacher

Miss Tanya Frois Head of Curriculum Innovation / Head of Science / NQT Mentor / Year 3 Class Teacher

Senior Managers


Head of Sport

Mr Gareth Davies

Sport / Supporting Maths / Special Projects / Yr 6 Class Teacher

Head of English

Mrs Katherine Diesel (Maternity leave)

English / Yr 5 Class Teacher

Head of Computing

Mr Ryan Roberts

Computing / Assessment

Head of Maths

Mrs Vinita Bhasin Maths / NQT Manager / Eco Council / Yr 6 Class Teacher

Middle Managers


Head of Pupil Well-Being

Vicky Kovacs Pupil Well-Being / PSHE / Yr 5 Class Teacher

Head of Art

Alec Saunders Art / School Environment / Cover Teacher

Class Teachers


Year 3 Class Teacher

Mr Paul Costello

Modern Foreign Languages

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Kirsty Driscoll

D & T / Cross-Curricular Links/Computing 

Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss Leeann Ramsay (Maternity leave)


Year 3 Class Teacher Miss Rocio Garcia  

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Hema Harshavardhan RE Team (Curriculum)

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Lourdes Fernandes

Pupil Advocates / Behaviour / Merits

Year 4 Class Teacher Mrs Esther Simpson-Wright Job Share

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Russell Clarke

Performing Arts / Sports Fixtures
Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Charles Gibbons


Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Kareen Hewitt

RE Team (Spirituality / Events)

Year 5 Class Teacher

Ms Irene Noone


Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Ellicia Hilton  
Year 6 Class Teacher Mrs Tahmina Hamed Assessment/Data Analysis/Job share



Support Staff



Finance / HR Officer

Mrs Marcia Roseman

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Linda Newman

Attendance/Admissions Officer

Mrs Laura Holden

Site Manager

Mr Karl Ryan

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Sherry Wood


Intervention Team



Mrs Julie Bower



Jessica Billingham



Mrs Ranjit Saini



Teaching Assistants


Whole School Support

Mrs Rachel Bayes (Reading / EAL)

Whole school support

Miss Sarah Bye (EHCP Support)

Whole school support

Laura Munns (EHCP Support/ Music Teacher)

Whole school support

Miss Sarah Hodges (PPG Support)

Whole school support

Mrs Nisha Patel 

Whole school support

Mr Ben Phillips  (EHCP Support)

Whole school support

Mrs Jasent Robertson (Family Link Worker)

Whole school support

Mrs Denise Wheeler

Whole school support

Mrs Paulette Williams (Reading/EAL)

Whole school support

Mrs June Gjeloshi

Whole school support

Mrs Elizabeth Ellington  (EHCP Support)

Whole school support

Mrs Virginia DeSilva (EHCP Support)

Whole school support

Mrs Jane Lim

Whole school support

Patricia McClauskey


Lunchtime Supervisors


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr Mike Harling


Miss Sarah Bye


Miss Lisa Makayi


Mrs Virginia DeSilva


Mrs Georgia Georgiou


Miss Sarah Hodges


Mrs Jane Lim


Mr Ben Phillips


Mrs Filiz Tezgel


Mrs Suneetha Yalamanchi


Mrs Mary Chinyangare


Mrs Patricia McCaulsky


Kitchen Staff


Head Cook

Miss Sandra Watkins

Kitchen Assistant

Ms Zdenka Lahovska Benesova

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Liz Moore

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Lule Koka

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Doris Amoah

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Priya Tupsy

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Adwoa Afriyie-Owusu