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The school had an Ofsted Inspection on 10/11 May 2016 and was taken out of Special Measures.

"The school is well placed to sustain its rate of progress” Ofsted Inspection report 10/11 May 2016

"The effectiveness of the leadership and management of the school as a church school is good" - SIAMS Inspection report 13 November 2015"

The School's Current Position

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector, wrote to Wendy Jacobs (Headteacher) to say:

'I am writing to congratulate you, your staff, the governing body, parents, carers and pupils on the recent decision that The Minster Junior School no longer requires special measures. I also note that leadership and management of the school were judged to be good'  

'I know that progress is the result of hard work and commitment on the part of many people, especially you and your staff. You have focused on raising standards, and your strong leadership has effectively driven forward the improvements at the school. It is evident from the inspection report that you, and your senior leaders, have a clear vision of where you want The Minster Junior School to be.'

Sir Michael Wilshaw, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector.

(You can read the whole letter here.)


Overall effectiveness: Requires improvement

Effectiveness of leadership and management: Good

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment: Requires improvement

Personal development, behaviour and welfare: Good

Outcomes for pupils: Requires improvement 


Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

Rates of pupils’ progress are improving. However, there are significant differences between the performance of boys and girls in some year groups. The school’s assessment information indicates that a significant proportion of pupils in Year 6 will finish key stage 2 with skills and abilities below those expected in reading, writing and mathematics.

The school has the following strengths: The headteacher has worked tirelessly since the previous inspection to bring about significant improvement. Her determination and rigour in tackling underperformance has improved the quality of teaching and that of leadership significantly. The increased capacity of leadership indicates that the school is well placed to sustain its rate of progress.

Arrangements for safeguarding are effective, with staff being knowledgeable and confident in their approach to ensuring that pupils are kept safe. The school is a well-ordered community. Pupils are proud of their school and are keen to learn. They cooperate well with one another and are polite, friendly and respectful. Pupils behave well in lessons and around school. Pupils have a well-developed appreciation of the school’s values. They are respectful of those who hold different beliefs from their own and who have a different background. The school environment is well cared for and tidy, with corridors and classrooms reflecting leaders’ high expectations.

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