British Values at The Minster

British Values


At the Minster we promote British Values as part of our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural teaching. We are fully committed to promoting British values in line with recent Department for Education (DfE) recommendations and the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010, to keep children safe and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

We aim to integrate these lessons within our topic- based teaching and encourage our children to live out these values as part of our school’s ethos.


Here are some examples of some teaching on the British Values topic:


Year 3: Two Brothers: This lesson consists of a story adapted from an Egyptian legend that teaches about the importance of family love, selflessness and generosity.


Year 4: Identities: This lesson explores the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped the heritage of people living in Britain today. It asks children to think about their own identities and the different groups they belong to using a poem to encourage curiosity about similarities and differences.


Year 5: Hard Times: This lesson explores the effects of hard times. It helps children understand the meaning of 'recession' and 'interest' and encourages children to re-use in order to save money.


Year 6: The Earth in Our Hands, This lesson explores how the actions of human beings are destroying our earth and looks at how we can reduce our carbon footprint: using less energy, reducing carbon emissions, saving water, re-using and re-cycling.